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How To Start A Career In Radio

10 years now I've been in radio. This is how I got started and how I get to stay.
How To Start A Career In Radio
If you'd rather watch and listen, this part's for you:
For the readers and deep-divers, let's continue!

So, around the 2010s, I burned a CD-R disc recording of myself doing a time check, a weather check, and a traffic update.

I snail mailed copies of that CD to all the major English radio stations in Metro Manila: Magic 89.9, Mellow 94.7, Monster RX 93.1, Wave 89.1, and what were then 99.5 RT and 103.5 Max FM.

Of course, I got no replies. (Today, after just listening to a copy of that CD I made over a decade ago, I wouldn’t have hired myself either.)

But with purposeful persistence and pure luck, I got in.

I've been in radio now for over 10 years, split between Mellow 94.7 and 87.5 Republika FM1.  If I were to do it all over again, I'd make sure to do it right this time around doing these three things:

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