Hi! I'm Kyle.

Most days I feel like a fake, so these "About Me" kind of pages are tough to do. They always seem more self-serving for the author than they are actually helpful for the person reading them. That's (unfortunately) you.

In the interest of making these next few moments together as painless as possible, I'll talk about me in the least self-indulgent way that I can: quickly and simply via lists. Yes, lists.

Me In A Minute: Top Ten Things

I like lists. Especially checklists. They get the work done. Whatever your take, this is the first of three takes on me:

  1. I am 35 years old but I feel like I'm still 23.
  2. I was born in the Philippines and raised on U.S. military bases.
  3. I studied Philosophy in college and somehow graduated with honors.
  4. I work across multiple media platforms as a talent, writer, and producer.
  5. I created a multimedia company covering technology, startups, and esports.
  6. I am mostly in my head more than anywhere else.
  7. I used to work at Taco Bell and I'm sure I've made over 10,000 tacos.
  8. I like to get eight hours of sleep a day and train at the gym three times a week.
  9. I automatically smile when I see puppies, babies, and my nieces.
  10. I copy to come up with something new. Don't you.

Halfway Through My Life: 5 Lessons Learned

If I die in my 70's then I've lived half my life. If so, here are some life lessons from a fairly short life, so far:

  1. Take that leap and believe in something greater than yourself. Have faith that you’ll find sound footing on the other side. Pray.
  2. Talk the talk and walk the walk. A is A. You can’t say you are something or will do something, and then not be that person or not do that thing.
  3. The "simplest" equation to success is probably to work hard and smart and for long enough that you’re bound to meet with Lady Luck.
  4. Leave this world better than when we enter it. I love my nieces. They mean the whole world to me and my family. They deserve the best life possible. All children do.
  5. Sleep more. That’s more of a goal than an actual life lesson right now. But I bet some thirty-odd years from now I’ll say to myself, “I wish I had slept more when I was in my thirties.” Then it'll be a lesson learned too late.

If That Isn't Enough, Dig Deep and Creep

  1. First things first, you can Google me.
  2. After that, you can attempt to friend me on Facebook (if I'm even still there) or just like my Page.
  3. I'm also on Instagram, but like with anything owned by the Zuck, I'm seldom active on those platforms.
  4. But I am almost always on Twitter reading everyone else's brainfarts (and sometimes I tweet mine too).
  5. For more serious stuff, LinkedIn is where I'm at.

This is the second time I've said "hi." Missed the first one? Please read this:

About me, Kyle.
Hi’s are hard.

What's your name? Not knowing who's around makes it less motivating and more horrifying to put myself out here. I don't want to write for randos. I want to write for people like/unlike me. Please tap that subscribe button and let's keep in touch, you and I.